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Pharmacy/valtrex and adderall combination


Just Rob wrote at 2013-08-03 00:53:21
I'm sorry but that is a bogus answer. What are you basing your knowledge of this "carrier" state on? A person can have HSV and not have ANY symptoms and still pass it one to others. A blood test must be done. The Test is a IGG test (do not have IGM this has been proven to be a cheap and less effective test). The blood test will confirm your status after this amount of time. If you have HSV and even with no symptoms and you take Valtrex you can still pass it, you will ALWAYS have the virus so the above poster saying if you have no symptoms you "could" get rid of the virus. Bogus!! I'm sorry fact is fact.

I have it and have spent 3 years studying it and know more than most doctors when it comes to this virus.

I know this is an old post but anyone else reading needs to know the truth.


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