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Pharmacy/Urine screens in Methadone Maintenance Treatment


Andy wrote at 2012-07-25 14:54:16
I tested negative for methadone on my last saliva drug test. Testing negative for methadone when you are in treatment can have big consequences. You can end up having your medication stopped in the worst scenario. I had to prove i have been taking my meds by doing an instant urine test. Luckily i got a positive and will be requesting these in the future on top of the saliva test that is sent to the lab. I suggest you do the same  

Garrett McGovern wrote at 2012-07-28 12:36:02
I work as GP in this field and hardly do any testing at all unless the patients want it. Testing brings nothing to the table and research shows that screning has no effect on drug use and is no more reliable than self reporting when the treatment approach is non punitive.

Urine testing does not decrease patient harm. It INCREASES it by demeaning patients and punishing them when the test results are positive.

Just an opinion.


witchy pooh wrote at 2014-02-23 17:33:26
I understand how frustrating this can be from your point. At one point, you said that you don't take as much liquid as prescribed. Currently, I am being accused of selling my doses. A family member and I are not getting along so she calls the clinic to cause be problems. I too have been sober & have had my take homes for a long time. Just this past week, I had to random urine screens (we generally do mouth swabs) and got a recall to bring my doses back to the clinic so they could ensure I had them and that they were not tampered with.

I suppose you are being punished because like you stated, this has happened in the past. One time I tested positive and I absolutely did not use, the clinic did not want to hear that the lab made a mistake even though 2 weeks before that, they admitted I got a false pos. for benzos.

I guess my advice is to keep your head up if you know you did nothing wrong. I know it is hurtful to be considered guilty no matter what because of your past. I know how you feel.

It stinks! Maybe this is all happening for a reason, I wish you the best!


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