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Lee from Colorado wrote at 2013-06-22 21:45:13
Hi Hazel,

Iíd like to support your suspicions with a surprise elevated BAC after drinking, while on the same dose of Effexor I was dosed. My incident occurred in 2003 and may have had a side of serotonin syndrome in the mix as I have no memory of that day, the day before, and pretty much the next 3 years. What I was able to discern from witnesses and the police report was that I could have been drinking no more than 2 hours and my BAC was read just over 2 hours after my last drink, and I had a .160 BAC. Iíve tried calculating out what I would have had to drink to get that high and I think it came down to 1 drink every 7 minutes or less for those 2 hours, and I have never drank like this in my life. One witness said they had just spoken with me prior to me fainting repeatedly and thought something serious was going on because they did not sense that I was drunk while talking to them only minutes earlier.

I havenít touched Effexor since around Q4 2004 but would apparently revisit the toxin every time I was burning an old pocket of fat. I had gained about 50 pounds (male) while on Effexor and would hit a wall every time Iíd get down to 210. I started being suspicious of these fat reserves a few years back (I would attempt to drop below this 210 barrier yearly) but only as a barrier to losing the fat, not necessarily that Effexor metabolite was actually in the fat, but just super cortisol fat and Effexor is known to increase cortisol in many folks, but in Q4 2012 I ended up out on FMLA. The official diagnosis was inner ear infection that was never confirmed but the symptoms were just like the good old Effexor days. I had blurry vision and giant pupils and I used to keep (still have!) a doctorís note stating the medication I was on could cause this, back when I took this drug.

While out on FMLA, I had all of these issues plus different sized pupils, uncontrollable rage out of nowhere (very much an issue while on 450 mg of Effexor), major constipation (diet is full of fiber and salads!), and the familiar waking up after only 2 hours of sleep. This time I pushed through the barrier and Iím now down to around 190 and had been thinking that there should be no more stored Effexor, but I keep having some of those familiar side effects, which is how I found your post!

Effexor also made me hangover free while on the drug, and I would otherwise suffer terribly after only a few drinks. Iíve again had hangover free Ďnext daysí after what should have resulted in a painful hangover and I was just a little tired and no more. Effexor most definitely does mess with my alcohol consumption in more ways than one! I just wish there were a way to prove this. I would think fat cells could be aged (dated) and unintentionally, have been growing my hair out pretty much during the worst of my weight loss. ~Lee from Colorado


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