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Pharmacy/Morphine in the elderly


greenliving wrote at 2013-06-18 22:08:27
In nature the medicinal things that help the body mimics that part of the body. For example the lungs and sinus excrete mucus and when we are ill that mucus changes color to indicate that we are ill. In the natural world we call this congestion or toxicity or blockages. The answer in nature also mimics mucus, such as mucus like plants: Aloe Vera, Okra, and Cactus. Much success with acute respiratory conditions have been alleviated in third world hospitals in Africa, allowed to practice natural healing, by the use of juicing Aloe Vera, lemon with a bit of the skin and a few cloves of garlic three times a day. Another beneficial plant for the lungs is Funtumia Elastica, the bark of a type of gum tree in Africa. Especially beneficial for asthma, lung cancer and COPD. Sometimes the answer is not symptom management through dangerous drugs chemicals and expensive procedures that contribute to 30% of the Federal budget in the USA, but rather cost effective person based, simple quality care. It may not be possible to receive this type of care in some countries due to Board Regulations, lobbying, or simple lack of education. However due to technological advances such as the internet, the last domain of  free press and information is still available, good luck!


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