hello,im a 78 year old male with kidney impairment. my serum creatine was 3.4 and gfr 52.the instructions say take 60mg  of allegra if kiddney impaired.i take daily dose of 90 for a momth now.take it daily.long term will it hurt my liver.


Fexofenadine (Allegea) is largely metabolised in the liver and excreted in the bile, with only around 10% being eliminated via the kidneys. In patients with any significant reduction in renal function, less can be eliminated via the kidneys and has to go through the liver and biliary system. Providing liver function is normal, the extra load should not be a problem, but again any reduction in liver function will mean less drug can be removed.

In addition to changes in blood tests of liver and kidney function, any accumulation of drug will show as an increase in side effects and signs of overdose which may develop for the first time, or may become more significant.

If problems develop and the drug is considered essential, then the normal practice would be to either reduce the dose and/or increase the time interval between doses.

Your doctor is the best person to advise on the risk of problems and whether the medication can either be discontinued or changed to an alternative.

I hope this helps.


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