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Hello sir,
         My husband is 38 years old.Two years ago while infertility treatment we found that he is hbsag + . I want to know if it is curable or not.My husband came to know about a aurvetic treatment.That person has assured that he will be -ve withen one year .Is it possible?
      I have a 2 months old son . I haven't take any vaccin for hgsag . Will it have any effect on  him?
     Pleaae clear my cofusion.


Hi Sunita,
You probably mean HBsAg. This is the surface antigen of Hepatitis B virus. When your husband is HBsAg Positive, this mean he has an Hepatitis B infection, whether he shows symptoms or not is unimportant.
Patients who are not having symptoms often have chronic liver problems and could develop serious liver disease.
This infection is transferred by exchange of body fluids and sexual contact. I would suggest you get yourself test and if you are negative please get yourself vaccinated immediately. While this infection will not normally transfer to your son, it would be good to get him vaccinated too.
I have not heard of any Ayurvedic  medicine cure HBsAg positivity. In fact this disorder was not known int eh times of Ayurveda, so I would say that the claim to convert him into HBsAg -ve is false, please do not try to get such a treatment. You will waste a lot of money and time. It would be better to refer him to a good hepatologist, (there are many good people in Maharashtra, depending on which city you live in).
Please visit a good hepatologist as early as possible.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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