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Hello, I''m curious to know if there are any dangerous outcomes if one misses alot of paxil in a short frame of time. I missed two doses this week, but not 2 days in a row. Saturday I only took 20mg, sunday I took my regular 40mg dose as usual, monday I missed the entire dose, tuesday I took my regular 40mg dose, and finally wednesday I missed the entire dose again. So just waiting to my regular time now on thursday to take my regular 40mg again. So I have messed up very bad this week. Could this wax and cause me any very dangerous outcomes, like seizures, or just very annoying withdraw symtoms. I'm on it for extreme panic attacks and ocd. I dont think its helping my ocd much anymore, because I think I am missing due to ocd reasons. I'm going to speak to my doctor next week about possibly changing to a different ssri drug that might do better for my break thru ocd times, they come in spurts and relax again for a time. Any suggestions on good ocd meds and the daily dose that would be equal to 40mg paxil. I thank you for your time and help.

Hi Joan
As Paxilhas a long half-life ie it stays in the body aa long time, missed doses if not too frequent are no real problem.

It is best to stay with the group of drugs similar to Paxil of which there are several and it is really up to your doctor to recommend the best one as I also feel it is wrong for me to help prescribe from a distance. But I like the old fashioned ones just as well eg clomipramine. Many doctors forget about the older medications these days but I believe they still have an important role to play in OCD.


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