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I have been on Sotalol hydrochloride (beta-cardone) 80 mg twice a day for several years, for wolff parkinson white symptom relief. My concern is that I am allergic to penicillin and have always had heart worsening palpitations when I have had infection or antibiotics. I now discover that I should not have been on some of these for uti or general upper resp infections as they are unsafe with sotalol eg erythromycin etc. can you advise which broad spectrum would be safest to request from my doctor in future please, as they don't seem to realise the risk or unpleasant symptoms I get ? Thank you


Ideally the antibiotic chosen should suit the condition being treated and follow local guidelines for treatment produced by microbiologists. These protocols will usually have alternative options to cover problems such as penicillin allergy, and your GP should be aware of them.

Erythromycin is viewed as a high risk drug when taken with drugs such as Sotalol, but it may be necessary to use it if there is no suitable alternative (based on lab results etc.). Other options depending on the type of infection would be:

Trimethoprim - UTI
Nitrofurantoin - UTI
Doxycycline (or other Tetracycline) - Resp. infections

It may also be possible to use a cephalosporin such as Cephalexin. There is a small proportion of patients who are allergic to penicillin and cephalosporins, but the majority are not. Depending on the severity of your penicillin allergy (and if it is a true allergy rather than a stomach upset), your GP may be prepared to try a Cephalosporin, or if they are concerned it is possible to have allergy testing performed.

I hope this helps.


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