hi,old going to be 79  human years  this dec 4th and 140 werewolf years so i am retiring as werewolf.i hope you live to my age old question as always.i droppes xanax and take temazepam and i dont want to slow down my breathing too much.i take 15mg remeron.i think remeron dors not work on central nervous system but on brain concerned thay temazepam and restoril together might cause slower breathing.i prefer ambien,but i thought with moderate kidney damage ambien is noy safe.i could go back to xanax and lunesta,dont want to fall asleep and not get up.appreciate your advice and enjoy thanksgivivg.your friend howard

Dear Friend,
I would have happily sent you a birthday card, but surprisingly after such a long friendship we dont have each other's email. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a blast.
Remeron does not cause respiratory depression, and the only rare side effect reported on respiration is dyspnoea. Now this sort of dyspnoea is something that can occur with anything. Actually when I was on my holiday, we had  Teacher's Scotch and that gave me dyspnoea. Subsequently I stuck to Indian Whiskey and was fine. So I dont give much importance to that isolated report of dyspnoea. If remeron and temazepam is helping you, I would say do not change, but if you have any serious problem then we can always change.
Have a blast on your birthday.


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