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I'm scheduled for a pre employment drug test on Monday the 19th....I was seen in an urgent care and treated with Morphine ONE WEEK AGO tomorrow (Nov.18t), and I would prefer my new employer NOT KNOW that I had morphine for fighting which I do LEGALLY in cage matches.  I DO have prescriptions for vicodin and oxycodone from my physician due to significant disk protrusion and fruitless facet joint blocks. Will the IV morphine show up one week post administration??????  I realize the oxycodone will, not sure if the hydrocodone will.  


    A single dose of morphine is generally only detectable in urine for 3 to 4 days in patients with normal kidney and liver disease.  Hair testing will give valid information for a 90 day period of time.  If your pre employment screening is a saliva test they are currently unreliable when testing for opiods.  If you have valid prescriptions for oxycodone and hydrocodone it is very, very important that you give this information to the testing center.  Unless the job you are applying for specifically requires that you may not take any controlled substances, which would be difficult to do and not violate the Americans With Disabilities Act, any medication you take that is legally prescribed for you should not be held against you. The testing center just needs the information BEFORE the test so they can verify the prescriptions with the pharmacy and doctor.


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