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Last sat. Started monostat 7 for fungal/yeast infection. Had symptoms of needing to urinate often, a little burning sensation. Also topical itching thru pubic area, not inside vagina. Monday, did urine test at dr. Office. Said to start fluconazole 100mg daily for 7 days. One more pill to go. However, still getting discomfort with the burning urges to urinate. No itching left. Never had any discharge. Urine culture came back clear. So, why is the burning urge to urinate still here?  How long after i finish the med. Should it take to know if i need another dose of fluconazole and should i go in to see a gyn first. The dr. I already saw was a family dr. And he did not examine me, only did the urine sample.

    I would recommend that you see your gynecologist.  There are other possible things that could be causing you symptoms.  It is also rare that 7 days of fluconazole and Monistat would not treat a yeast infection and improve your symptoms.  


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