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Pharmacy/Is adcodol dangerous??


good day,i will like to know if my sister is in danger or what,my sister has been drinking adcodol for cigarets now,she takes 9 tablets every day each time she smokes a cigarette she drinks one a tablets.

Adcodol contains  the following constituents:
       Paracetamol          450 mg
   Codeine Phosphate   10 mg
   Caffeine          45 mg
   Doxylamine Succinate   5 mg
If she is taking 9 tablets daily that means she is taking 4050 mg of paracetamol. This is very dangerous and can cause damage to her liver. Please get her admitted to a hospital for stopping Adco-dol. Do not force her to stop adcodol, since she may get withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal should be done under the supervision of a doctor. Please take action fast, adcodol in this amount can kill her.

Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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