I have had tonsillitis 5 times over the past month. The doctors I have seen have prescribed a range of antibiotics (augmentin 3days, zannet 7days, augmentin 7days, bactoclav 7days and now leflox 7 days). I have also been taking antihistamine and betadine gargle along side as well as various pain killers. When I stop taking them the infection returns within 2 days. My questions are 1. Is this many anti-biotics in this short a time ok? I live in Sri Lanka and drugs are available fairly freely here compared with the uk!
and 2. I haven't drank any alcohol while taking these tablets but the christmas season is approaching and it looks likely that I may still be taking them. What affect will alcohol have?

    No, it is not appropriate to take repeated courses of antibiotics over such a short period of time.  If your infection keeps returning it probable was not completely cured by the previous treatment of antibiotics.  You need to try to just see one doctor and let that doctor keep record of what has been done to treat this infection and what has and has not worked.  Your throat may need to be cultured to have the bacteria grown to find out which antibiotic the bacteria will respond to in treatment.  A culture and sensitivities may take some time to determine the correct antibiotic, but it appears you may have been taking the wrong antibiotics during your past treatments.  

    As for drinking alcohol with antibiotics it depends greatly on exactly which antibiotic you are on at the time.  Some antibiotics can cause nausea, vomiting and other very serious reactions with even a small amount of alcohol.  Alcohol with other antibiotics causes no specific drug interaction, but the alcohol itself is high in sugar content which makes it a rich medium for bacteria to grow in.  If you are sure that the antibiotic you are taking dose not react adversely with alcohol drinking small amounts of alcohol (1 to 2 drinks per day) should not have any therapeutic effect on the antibiotic, but I would not recommend drinking to excess.  Ask your doctor if your antibiotic is one of the few that reacts with alcohol before drinking any alcohol.


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