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1: Cefazolin is supplied in 1 gram vials of powder which is reconstituted with 2.5 ml of NaCI for injection for a final volume of 3ml.What is the approximate concentration of Cefazolin in each milliliter? I don't understand on how to do the math.
2:You have received an order for 3L of 0.9% NaCI to be infused by an infusion set rate gtt/ml set at 60gtt/min.How long will it take to infuse the 3L of fluid? My answer is 3000 * 60/1440=125gtt/min.
3:RX: Lamisil 200mg tablets,take 1/2 tab QD for 42 days How many do you need to fill this prescription? 21
What is to total mg dose dispensed?200mg

Hi Ann,
1. There is 1 g = 1000 mg of cefazolin in a total of 3 mL. 1000mg divided by 3 mL equals 333mg/mL or 0.333g/mL
2. for starters you need to know how many drops in a mL. From this you deduce the number of ml/min you are infusing, Then you can calculate how long the infusion would take.
3.your answer is correct.
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