I am on topomax now to prevent migraines. When it was first prescribed I was told that I couldn't take any short term pain relievers with it for at least 3 months, why is that? Now that the 3 months are up my PCP is still seems leary about short term pain relievers but says they should be fine if used sparingly. Are there contraindications, or is it to allow the topomax to work more effectively?


    You would have to ask your PCP to explain why he/she does not want you to use any short term pain relievers while on Topamax.  There are no specific contraindications to taking limited amounts of short term pain relievers while taking Topamax.  Short term pain relievers can cause rebound headaches which are difficult to treat and could be what your PCP is trying to avoid.  I would ask your PCP for specific guidelines on what and how often you are allowed to take pain relievers to treat your headaches.


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