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Pharmacy/Clonazepam or Lorazepam and Clotting Time or Coagulation


I am getting an extensive tattoo.  Currently take prescribed 2 tabs x .5 mg clonazepam daily.  I do not take any aspirin, or drink alcohol.  However, I have in the past, and noticed more bruising and bleeding when getting shots, bumped in the arm, etc.

Question:  Will the clonazepam increase at all the likelihood of bleeding during the process of getting the tattoo over a 4-5 hour period?  I would like to maintain my daily dose (esp. due to current life stress and anxiety).  --If so, is lorazepam a better alternative, or do both have the same general effect on either prothrombin time (or anticoagulant properties, which I know are different properties)?

Many thanks!
Jan Aleshi

Hi Jan,
To the best of my knowledge and based on information available on these drugs they do not affect either bleeding time or clotting. However since you say that you get more bruising and bleeding while taking shots, I would suggest you consult a hematologist who will check you for bleeding or clotting tendencies before you get the tattoo done.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi  


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