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Pharmacy/Mixing meds. (Lansoprazole and Movicol)


Matt wrote at 2013-01-18 23:48:52
Thank you very much. That is valuable information and gratefully accepted and taken on-board. I was a little concerned that they may clash more than anything. Knowing that I may be able to, to some extent control the speed and effectiveness is particularly useful as I don't use the Lansoprazole each and every day. More as and when needed.

Again, thank you for your time Nigel.



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I am happy to answer general questions on medicines and hospital care. If possible, please use approved / chemical names rather than brands which are not internationally recognised. Like all health professionals I am bound by a duty of care which prevents me giving detailed information about medication or treatment of people other than the questioner. I will endeavour to help wherever possible or point towards more appropriate advice. If however your question crosses too far into patient confidentiality, I hope you will understand why I cannot answer your question. Consider.. would you want me to discuss your care with a friend or relative without your knowledge?


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