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Sad Height
Sad Height  
Hello Dr. Ravindra Sir. I have some issues with my height. I'm a 5.2ft boy aged 18. Though it is considered somewhat ok height I'm not satisfied with it. I want to achieve my career but it gives importance to height(So i will need around 5.8+Ft). I came across some growth pills, surgeries etc but they are expensive and/or useless products. I know that my problem is related mostly with nature but as i know that science can do wonders and has yet a lot to show and help us. I've found out some words such as- Melatonin, GABA, HGH, L-arginine, L-Lysine, A-GPC, Glutamine, Fenugreek etc. The source say that the consumption of the mentioned chemicals(or eatables whatever they are) in grams will help me gain some height. But I don't know if all these are good for solving my height problem.
    So Doc. if i could get some really effective help i will be really grateful to you. Please help me Doc!!! Special Thanks in advance and sorry if there are any errors typed! I hope my mistake  will be taken as consideration!

Hello Asoka,
At the age of 18, it is probably too late to think of increasing height. NOrmally height increase takes place before this age. In childhood the long bones of the body have not ossified (calcified) completely, then there is a possibility of further increase in length, but once that has happened with age, I am afraid nothing can be done. So my suggestion is to rush to a endocrinologist who will assess whether there is a chance of increasing height now, if there is any chance we may try it, if not no drug will be of use. Only surgery can help, but as you agree it is lengthy, painful and expensive. SO please rush to an endocrinologist and talk to him/her. Please dont waste you time on the drugs/foods mentioned by you, thy are useless.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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