dr galbraith,im 79 years old and have hypertension,diabetes and irregular heatbeat,for which i take pradaxa.all are in good control.for sleep i take lunesta 2mg and 2mg day i cant keep awake and nod off for a nap frequenty.i read side effects and lunesta says it can cause drownisess well into next day.i stopped lunesta and take 15mg remeron with xanax.seems to make me much less sleepy then lunesta.i have moderate kidney impairment at age remeron safe with moderate kidney function 15mg

Dear Howard

You have asked almost exactly this same question before in 2011. Lunesta can cause drowsiness but not all that common. It could also be your age, persons as they get older frequently nap especially if unoccupied.

By all means try Remeron but according to your many questions on this subject you have tried it before and it is OK on the kidneys.


Alan Galbraith


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