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hi old friend,hope you had nice holidays.took your advice abd took norvasc amplodine)the calcium channel drug,one month no swollen feet.broughtb my blood pressure don 30 i take foe sleep xanax 2mg,lunesta 2 mg and reneron 7.5 .in the morning its a bitch to wake up.i need something with lulunesta and wonderning if remeron is the one causing excessive sleep.ant better cfombo that dont effect kidneys.wanted ti try melotonin/but i read its not good for diabetics.should i should go back to xanax and gabitril only/

Hi Old Friend,
Now that you are getting good sleep, and you have a problem getting up, it is obvious that your drugs are remaining active in the body too long. We know from kinetic studies that xanax is 16 hours, a bit long but the clinical effect of alprazolam is seen for only around 6 hours. Half life of lunesta is 6 hours so that should not be a problem. The half life of remeron is long (mean is 30 hours). I would suspect it is mirtazepine that keeps you in bed and does not let you wake up fresh. So lets try cutting down on mirtazepine. At the present since you are sleeping well I would not suggest any changes (like adding melatonin). Let us try to cut mirtazepine and see for a few days.
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