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Dear Sir,

While i went to my dr for check up of knee problem wherein while suggesting glucosamine ( I have asked questions previously )He prescribed THRIZE PLUS which contains TRYPSIN BROMELIN RUTOSIDE and DICLOFENIC SODIUM.

What is the role of THRIZE PLUS in managemet of knee pain (OA)It is costly INR 106 for 10 tabs

Hello Harsvadan,
Thrize contains a number of things. Trypsin is a protein hydrolysing enzyme, which is itself protein in nature. It is well known that such proteins given orally are broken down in the stomach and hence do not possess any biological activity. However some scientists insists that it works. On Pubmed (the largest database of medical literature there are mere 38 articles on this product (as against 8036 on diclofenac, also an ingredient of this product). None of the articles on TRYPSIN BROMELIN RUTOSIDE are from respected journals hence I would discard any claims for this drug. In my opinion Thrize will be no better than plain diclofenac which you will get for Rs. 10/10 tabs.
These products are fancy products sold by companies to make money and prescribed by odctors to oblige companies. I would not advice you to take this product.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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