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hi old friend,dr hyde needs your advice.maybe you can check the medical literature.hope all is you know I take synthroyd for my throyd,lisinopril for my hypertension amd insulin and eliquis blood thinner.last week I took a complete test my cbc was normal as well as chloresteral and sodium in 10 months dropped from 138 to 131.normal is doctor was not at all concerned.said drink less water.but you know I worry about everything.i read slow drop in sodium over weeks or months can tolerate low sodium levels in the 120s with little problems. im worried do me a big favor and check it out.your friend howard

Dear Friend,
Your question is my department. I have been the advisor to a company which pioneered oral rehydration in India, hence have a good working knowledge of electrolytes. You are right about  the concern. At 131 mEq it is not a  worrying thing, but if it falls further you could get hyponatremia. First advise is that avoid a situation  where you will sweat a lot, you loose a lot of sodium in sweat, and the bdy has no mechanism to conserve sweat sodium if the levels are low. You will not loose it through urine since there is a mechanism to  control urinary sodium loss.
I would suggestyou increase the salt in your diet. I know most doctors talk about reducing salt, but do not  understand that the studies which showed the benefit of utting salt were done in Sctland where there is virtually no sweating. I am not sure about the climate in your place, so I cant comment.
Another  thing, when you need to talk to me please use my personal e mail, I check this from my mobile too, so there will no delay in replying.
All the best. I am fine here.


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