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QUESTION: eric,im 80 years old ang get mild hives 5 times a week.i take hydroxyzine  20mg about 5 times a week.mykidney function is probably around 50%due to my age.will that does of hydroxyzine aggravate my kidneys.also some articles on internet the most inaccurate search engine there is say hydroxyzine can cause tardive duskinesia.they also say Xanax can cause it. needa answer from someone like you who knows the facts/thanks howard

ANSWER: Hi Howard,
I have had many people take hydroxyzine on a regular basis and never observed tardive dyskinesia in those people. I think tardive dyskinesia is rare with hydroxyzine. I do not havemany people uaing Xanax so do not have first hand observation with thisdrug.. But again thew people I have on thiis drug have not complained of inviluntary movements.
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Eric Brandt, B.Sc.. Pharm

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QUESTION: im 80 years old and have diabetes,hypertension and atrial allergist has me taking 20mg hydroxyzine every few days for terms of urine retention and kidney aggreviation think 20mg of hydroxyzine a few times a week is just as safe as 5mg od zyrtec?

Hi Howard,
Hydroxyzine is worse for urine retention than Zyrtec. But since you do not take it on a daily basis it should be safe. You can also try a lower dose if you run into trouble with the current dose.
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Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm


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