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I'm 67, an avid runner and somewhat anxiety prone about my blood pressure. I have an annual physical, echo and EKG. All normal and with low cholesterol. My Dr believes I'm in excellent health but I do take Avapro 300mg for blood pressure. I can't take a beta blocker as my resting heart rate is around 44 bpm (from daily running).  I have a home bp monitor (probably shouldn't due to my anxiety) and I check it often. At first sitting my systolic is often high, maybe 160 or more. My diastolic is always good - 60s or low 70s. A few minutes after my first check my systolic goes down, usually in the 130s and sometimes lower. My dr says the avapro is working and quit worrying. He also says that additional meds may cause unwanted side effects and aren't necessary since my echo, ekgs, etc are all normal. He further indicated that for many endurance athletes it is not uncommon to have a higher than normal resting systolic with a low heart rate due to more forceful contractions. Anyway, just wondering what you thought about the Avapro. Thanks

Hi Don,
Before you measure your blood pressure you should sit still and relax for a few minutes. Measure your blood pressure 3 times and take an average. Your do not need to measure it more ofter than once a week and at approximately at the same time. I agree with your doctor that you worry about it too much and the worrying results in higher readings.  Avapro is a good medication and it seems to be working for you.
Thank you for using Allexperts.
Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm  


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