I am male 55 years obese with HBP and DM. I am on Tenochlor 100 Losartan 50 mg twice and Amlodepine 5 mg twice I am also on Metformin 500 SR twice and Gimperide 2 mg once.

My BP DM all fine Recently my physician gave me a sample pack of lipaglyn 4 mg which contains saroglitzar 4 mg. When in a sample it is OK but its mkt price is Rs 250/- per 10 tablets. Is this necessary for my diabetes ?

Secondly, as my esonophilia is 12 and Absolute esonophilia is 1200, my dr suggested my unicarbazan forte twice daily which has drowsy effect. My family dr asked me to take Hetrazan 100 thrice a day for 20 days. Cost wise both are OK but side effect profile of both the drugs is diferent. Are both one and similar

Kindly guide me for both my queries

ANSWER: Hi Harsvadan,
I see little reason  to add a new drug for your blood sugar which is under control. My suggestion is please get you Hb1Ac done, and let me know the result, then we will think whether we  need to add another drug or not.
Unicarbazan forte contains diethylcarbamizine 250 mg and chlorpheniramine maleate 4 mg. Chlorpheniramine is highly sedative and hence you are getting drowsiness. You should shift to Hetrazan which contains no  sedatve. Please use around four tablets daily as it contains only 100 mg of DEC.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: Originally, I was taking Glycomet GP 1 twice

On 27th Dec 2013, I went for the test of Hb1AC is 6  FB 106 PPBS 91.

After seeing my report, internist has suggested to take Glycomet GP 1 mg once in the morning and Glycomet GP 1 mg half in the evening ( Metformin 250 +Glimepride 1/2 mg)

Instead, can I take Glycomet GP 1 once morning and Amaryl 1mg in the night as advised by my family dr

ANSWER: Dear Harsvadan,
You may take the  combination or separate drugs as they  are available in the  market, it makes no difference. The combination is  prescribed only for the convenience of the  patient.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: On 27th Dec 2013, I went for the test of Hb1AC is 6  FB 106 PPBS 91.
Do I need to take a costly drug saroglitzar ?

Half tablet of Glycomet GP 1 contains Metformin 250 +Glimepride 1/2 mg which according to my dr to be taken before dinner. My query is whether only Amaryl 1 mg can be taken because in the evening dose Metformin 250 will be deleted

Sorry for the trouble but faith in compel to get my doubt cleared

Hi Harsvadan,
It  is difficult to say how a patient would react to a higher dose of glimepride in palce of the combination, we will have to put  you on the drug while monitoring your  blood sugar continually. So let me just say that I have  no guaranteed answer for that,  it may work or it may not.
I am clear that you dont need Saroglitzar.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi  


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