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Good Evening,
  My husband recently had a UA done and it came back positive for Oxazepam, which he does not take. He does not take any medications, except over the counter meds for acid reflux,such as Prilocet and Zantac. He also switched to all green tea with antioxidants. What could cause him to show positive when he does not take anything in that line of medications? Please help.
         Thank you,

Hello Ashley,
There are many reasons why a person may test positive to a banned substance. The most prominent being that the person is actually using the substance but denies it, I am not saying that this applies to your husband, but it is a possibility always worth considering. There is often a mislabeling of samples, somebody else's sample being labeled with your name. We recently had such a case where a woman was shown to be HIV positive when she was not. I mean to say errors do happen. Next is the poor quality of kits or even expired kits. Again thee is the possibility of people taking alternative medicines which are often loaded with controlled substances. Lastly are complex interactions when people use a large number of drugs and herbal products all together, we cant really tell what is causing the problems. During my discussions with FDA authorities some time back they told me that they always do very sensitive and specific tests on samples that show positive results, they claim that false positives are very very rare. This is the scenario, beyond this, it is difficult for me to say anything.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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