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About /4 hours ago a recurring breast infection has appeared. I get it about once a year at the most. I have some flucloxicillin capsules left from 10/12. Will it do any harm if I take these. Thanks


Whilst a product that is only a few months old will not do you any harm, assuming it has been stored properly. I could not be sure it is an appropriate antibiotic for this particular infection. If you've had it before, for the same condition, then it is probably OK as there is a reasonable gap since the last course and a low chance of the infection being resistant.

However, if you did not complete the full course prescribed last time, you may not have sufficient medication for the minimum 5 days that would be recommended.

I suggest you try to contact your GP by phone (rather than block an appointment) and explain the position and how much  fluclox you still have. If s/he is happy that it is appropriate, then you can commence the treatment immediately and if necessary they can issue a prescription to complete the course. If they feel a swab is appropriate or some investigation into why the infection is recurring, then they would suggest an appointment or referral.

I hope this helps.


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