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Pharmacy/too much gas in my intestines


Hello doctor, How do you do?

Unfortunately it's been a few years that I have gas in my intestines more than usual, I'm 31, and it would be a disadvantage since I want to get married. should I solve this via drugs (like dayabeticon if I spelled write) I eat usual food like I did in my early 20's and I already take other drugs like anti depressants. Can you give me some advice? should I have to see a doctor? my father's a doctor but I'm too shy to ask him this issue.
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Flatulance is a normal occurrance, though can be excessive and odourous as a result of diet.  Conventional medication is unlikely to be helpful, and herbal-like products may only complicate matters. Tablets containing activated charcoal have been used in the past, but I could not be sure they are available in your country. They were removed from the UK market many years ago.

I suggest you look closely at your diet and try to reduce high fibre foods such as beans, lentils or pulses which are often more difficult to digest. If you can add in more meat, fresh fruit and a moderate amount of carbohydrates (rice, potatoes etc.). It may take a while to find which foods you can tolerate best as it will take some time for your gut to adjust.

I hope this helps.


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