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Respected Sir,

I have low HDL while my s cholestrol 108 LDL 67 TG 83 VLDL 19 Dr has asked me to take Nicovas which contains inositol nicotinate for increase in HDL.

Secondly considering my obesity, HT and IGT, dr asks me to take attorvastatin 10 mg wuth aspirin 75 mg irrespective of my decent lipid profile. My weight is 110 kg and age 56 years In addition I am taking Tenolol 100 HCT 25 Losratan 100 mg and Amlodipine 10 mg Metformin SR 500 mg twice  please advise

Hello Ashish,
There are only three ways to increase HDL. Firstly to take higher amounts of fatty fish, secondly to do a lot of aerobic exercise. I would choose the second method, because that will help reduce your weight. I am sure you realize that you are in a high risk group. The third method is to use a drug which increases HDL. The only such drugs are niacinamine/nicotinate derivatives, which the doctor has advised you. Some new drugs are known which increase HDL but they are still under trials. You can search for these trials on However it should be remembered that Torcetrapib, a Pfizer drug increasing HDL did not reduce the risk of heart attacks.
The drugs you are taking now are most appropriate for your condition, I would suggest you begin taking atorvastatin and aspirin also as adviced. These drugs are best for you.
However I would also suggest you need to reduce your weight by at least 30 kg, this can be done over a period of 6 to 12 months, but remember people have done it. Adnan Sami reduced his weight by almost 50 kg in one year, t is not impossible, and it would best serve your health.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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