hi  oldfriend its been 3 weeks since i asked you a bigfavor to talk to one of your   notwestern  kidney doctors.the facts are  these the doctors today still use creatinine from  serum  to estimate your gfr,the berlin report written in the anals of internal medicine /oct 2012 states  that no equations to  comeup with a gfr based on creatine shouldnot be given  men over 75 because of loss of muscle gfr,it is inaccurate and often puts a patient in wrong kidney  class  when it is normal aging  this not  giving gfr  isagreed to by lab corp,the  kidney  fund  one of  the top nephrologists say all gfr equations are  false positivesa govt agenct called ahgr did  study of kidney testing,treatment,said showed that in stages 1-3 there was no or limited benetit rhat screening or treatment showed little limit benefit in stopping kidney progressionthey stated protein in urine better indicator of hr=heart desease?so what if any   kidney test do i take with all this conflicting bullshit

Hi Howard,
First my sincere apologies for the delay. I collected the information, but in the midst of changes taking place in my university and my traling, I missed replying you, I hope you forgive me.
I happened to meet a nehprologist from the Kidney Research Center in Sydney, I approached him after my own physician (the beautiful doctor ) who lives in my own appartment block) confirmed that you are right.
The Sydney nephrologist stated that serum creatinine is inaccurate in people above 70 as also it is inaccurate in younger people. They no longer depend on this test for kidney function, but have a compositie scale, of which this isjust one parameter.
Please go ahead and tell your doctor to use and alternate measre for kidney function.
Best wishes


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