hi old friend,i need yout help i am so confused with different answers on kidney i could go crazy.i know its not your field but perhaps you could talk to a good nephrologist so i can get some peace/it is frusting hell out of me.i know its a big favor,but you are truly my friend here is the 79 and doctors insist on giving serum creatine gfr   test which states in annals of internal  medicinejuly 12 thatgfr  based on serum creatine in people over 75 is  inaccurate.they state that  cystatin c is only test  foraccurately   givekidney function.dr richard glasscock said my latest gfr from serum creatine gfr was 49 with no protein in urine is most likely normal aging,he disagrees with kidney estimates of gfr worthless because  ofloss of muscle. in prople over 75 over 75 they are worthless.i drglasscock is one of  7top  kidney  doctors  in america, written dozensof journals in medical journal.went to kidney doctor my blood stats were serum creatinine 1.4 down from 1.6 and gfr of 49 now based n serum creatinine of 1.4 he wants to give me 24 hour urine creatinine clearence.with no protein in urine i think gfr based on serum creatinine is normal for 79  yeard old.he willnot  docystatin c test which dr richard j glasscock reccomends,help me god bless

Hello Old Friend,
It is distressing to see the stubbornness of your doctors. Most sites which I have checked up agree with what you are saying, but I shall talk to a nephrologist and get his/her opinion. I have not decided who to contact but will do so at the first opportunity.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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