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Is it possible to get a false positive for methadone if you are a person with severe liver disease? Or would morphine ( that you are taking) be read as a methadone positive? I have a person who has liver failure who takes morphine who just had a methadone positive.  This person has no acess on own to methadone which is why we know this person has not taken methadone.  Please help.

Hi Patricia,
When morphine is administered to a person it undergoes first pass metabolism to the extent of 50%, this means that only about 50% of the dose reaches the body system. It is metabolized by glucuronidazation to 3 and 6 derivatives.
Methadone is chemically very different from morphine, and there is no way that morphine gets converted to methadone.
Due the chemical difference between the two drugs I do not think it is possible for anyone to confuse morphine for methadone while testing (the tests are also very specific). I therefore do not think that by taking morphine one will test positive for methadone. Of course I am not ruling out a faulty test procedure or a wrong labelling of the samples.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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