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Problems Identified: Potential Adverse Drug Reactions or Allergic Reactions.
Current Procedure of Medication Dispensing, the tools that have been used to fill the tablet/capsule prescription drug order has been the TRADITIONAL pill counting tray and spatula... This process is repeated over and over again with the same pill counting tray and spatula… Many patients are allergic to some kinds of medications…

SIR, do you think we should reinventing the Traditional Pharmacy Pill Tray to deliver increased patient safety for better health?

Please advise.

Respectfully Submitted,

ANSWER: Hi Ming,
The tray and counting spatula are cleaned/wiped frequently in good practice, specially after counting tablets that are more powdery then others. Capsules do not leave a reidue. If you can come up with a better system that is economical and eco friendly it would likely be revolutionary and make you  a welthy person.
I thought of using liners, but they would not be eco friendly and expensive.
Thank you forr using Allexperts
Eric Brandt, B.Sc.  pharm

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QUESTION: Additional Question:

Patient Safety Advocate.
Who can enforce such changes in RETAIL PHARMACY (Canada and U.S.) if someone can come up with a workable solution using cleanroom single-use device, use once and discarded after use approach, just like plastic throwaways? Very cost-effective in mass production. Pl adv.

Food for thought.

v/r  ming

ANSWER: Hi Ming,
Good luck with the marketing. It would be a challenge in a world trying to decrease disposables. Is the product bio-degradeable.
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Eric  Brandt, B.Sc. pharm

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QUESTION: Sharing the ideas...

Using low cost raw plastics materials (FDA Approved).
The material thickness is 0.7mm.
300 pieces stacked = 8 inches in height.
These disposable single-use trays and spatulas are recyclable. No landfills.

Thank you for the help. You people are doing excellent job.
I am now just put all the pieces together and is here to learn.

v/r ming

Hi Ming,
I am not sure that enforcing the use of your invention is something a pharmacy regulatory body can do. It has to become cost neutral and demonstrate superiority over current practice. Although in theory it should be superior, you would have to demonstrate a decrease in overall allergic reactions and link the decrease to this new practice. Remember Dr Semmelweis had to prove his aseptic techniques saved lives.
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Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm  


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