hello,i am 79 years old and have a   bad insommnia problem.for the past 4 years i  took xanax 2  mg at nite.last year i switched to works like a dream with no side effects.a week ago the fear mongers went on cbs.they said people report states longwho take ambien long term can get cancer and die 2years before people who dont take it.these are same morons that said long term xanax causes cognitive decline/in  spite of fact thst note not onr reptuble study showed any damage to brain or central nervous system.the report  did not  show cause of death of people taking ambien.the drug ambien has been around 17 years.we would  of hea rd by now any safety issues. these people get media attention and use this misinformation to scare people not to buy generic an-ambien /but to spend 3 times   moreas much.isnt ambientimesand buy lunesta which work no better and costs 3 times as much whats your opion about ambien/


You are broadly right. There is far too much media speculation or extreme reporting of largely unproven "research", which often amounts to nothing more than coincidence and untrained anecdote.

Organisations like the FDA in the US and the MHRA in the UK do an effective job an assessing real evidence and setting aside the more speculative reporting.

I know who I prefer to believe!

I hope this helps.


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