hi old buddy,thanks for the info on the worthlessness of serum creatine gfr.appreciate you finding out. the western ass hole nephrologists are clueless and in spite of articles saying men over 75 should not take gfr,the specialists still use it and put elderly men with normal aging kidney id stage 3 kidney for me the only  kidney test the dumb bastards will give me will be microallbumin or 24 hout urine is your diabetes.its a shame you are allergic to insulin.when i go for pizza i inject 7 units of novolog and 2 hrs later my blood sugar is 150.without insulin it would go up to you kknow i have been using combo of xanax and sleeping pill for 5 79 i would like to get off xanax and just take 15mg ambien no other your prior e-mail you said ambien does not damage pharmist taking xanax and sleeping pill putting too much crap in my like to get  down to one sleeping pill with no doc suggested lunesta but maybe 4mg of lunesta too much.are you taking metroform they usually try that on diabetes,maybe you could go to endocronolist and he may be able to get you on so form of insulin.thats all for now i gave you a full plate to digest.hope your son is happy with his new   bride adios my friend

Hello Friend,
I am glad to inform you that I have been well controlled on Metformin. Since the detection of diabetes I have been dieting and reduced my weight by about 20 lb. I go to the gym daily and work out for 45 min. I usually swim for an hour or walk for an hour if I do not go to the gym. I have given up tea and coffee, and never touch coke or Pepsi, this reduces sugar intake. Mostly my fasting sugar is around 90 and post lunch it is 100. I do hope that you will finally decide on the drug to put you to sleep nightly. All else is fine here.


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