Please help me I was prescribed lymecycline 408mg one a day from the 8 march . On Mon I stopped these because I found out I'm pregnant my last period was 11 Feb this was in planned . We are so happy because I was told I couldn't have any more. I went to the doctors who are concerned about baby and have faxd through for the hospital to ring me .its easter weekend and I'm going mad I need to know if my baby will be OK will they be able to tell on a scan what's worst that can happen and what's the odds please I need to know


Firstly, you have done the most important thing and stopped taking the Lymecycline. This immediately reduces the risks, however small they may be.

As may have already discovered, tetracyclines are not recommended in pregnancy because they can cross the placenta and into the developing foetus. The risk then is to bone and teeth development.

I am really out of my depth to advise in any greater detail as I am not an expert in obstetrics or foetal development, though there is a specialist on the AllExperts panel

My feeling is that as your pregnancy is still in its very early stages, bone and teeth development may not have started and the risk of serious long term problems is small. But please do not take that as Gospel!

I suggest you try not to worry further over the weekend, you have done all that you can possibly do. If you have not already started, I would get a supply of Folic Acid from a local pharmacy as that can help prevent some birth defects. As your GP has contacted the hospital, they should pick you up as soon as they can. I doubt if an early scan would show anything at this stage, but it can be arranged if necessary. Otherwise, do mention the Lymecycline when you see your midwive, gynaecologist and ultrasonnographer. They will then be more prepared and be able to help you better and hopefully put your fears to rest.

Issues like this are not uncommon with early and especially surprise pregnancies, but in most cases there are not serious long term problems.

I hope this helps and all goes well for you!!


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