QUESTION: im 79 and have moderate kidney damage.i take 15mg of remeron.when i asked my pharmist about how taking 30mg will effect kidneys,he said literature on remeron did not specify what dose reduction in kidney just said use with your prior e-mail you suggestered ambien.there is a lot of literature about ambien causing cancer in humans /but no real science backed studies.some outfit called scripps-howard said ambien causes cancer in rats.sounds like typically internet crap ambien has been on market almost 30 years and if this was true the govt would take it off market

ANSWER: Hi Frank,
CBS News did a segment on sleeping pills and cancer. Here is the link. You be the judge.

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Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm

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QUESTION: as an intelligent with a phd i am surprised that you are too chicken to  label the sleeping pill report as nonsense.why are you afraid to debunk this non-scientific  piece of shit.all it will accomplish is scaring people not to   ktake them and get sick from lack of sleep.first no medication causes dementia and you  shouldknow that ,second they conventally did not mention how many people died from ambiem.also as further insult they did not mention how ambien killed them/did it do brain damage.the damn drug has been on the market 17 years.they want you to  buy the worthless high priced herbal medicines which contain melatonin which raises blood sugar in up as a pharmist you know this report is written by morons.if this was true sleep doctors would have not prescribe give advice.have the balls to make a stand

Hi Frank,
I am not opposed to the use of judicial use of sleeping pills. I dispense them routinely. The information CBS News provided stated clearly that the information is suggestive but in no way conclusively made a link between cancer and the use of sleeping pills.
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Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm


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