once again dear friend i need your advice.i will continue to take 2mg of xanaz as i have for 5 years i need it for anxiety.the remeron and lunesta are not working for cant  get intelligent info with the medical establishment,they did a study that   showed (it was recently on cbs)they said lunesta and ambien caused early  n  deaths and dementia.of course they did not have access to how  people died  that.rav all i need is medication to add to xanax,that wont effect  my kidneys and diabetes.  maybe there is none an im screwed.there might br an antidepressent llike remeron that can be added to xanax for sleep,they all say xanax long term is safer then any sleeping.i suffer from anxiety co mayne a drug like  celenda might help  thanksol friend

Hi Howard,
Like you I have also hold that xanax is one of the safest drugs. Now the question of the second drug comes up. Basically drugs leave the body by two main mechanisms metabolism by the liver or excretion by the kidney. Now many drugs that are metabolized in the liver dont depend on the kidney so such drugs can be given safely even in patients who have mild kidney failure. Remeron is extensively metabolizedin the liver and hence it can be used in pateints with kidney failure also. It is also safe for patients with diabetes. I do appreciate that there are always some adverse reactions with drugs, that is the price we pay for our helath, but not all patients get thses side effects. Hence if Remeron suits you, please try remeron. I will in the mean while keep on the look out for a safer drug.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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