hi fellow werewolf.thanks for getting me info on serum creatinine test.i agree with you that the dumb ass western doctors still use gfr fron serum creatinine ,when they are seeing reports that people over 70 it is inaccurate.i will only take 24 hour urine creatinine test for im impresses your blood sugar in morning is 100.mine is at that level.however when i want chinese food or pizza i put in 8 units of novolog and 2 hours later my blood sugar is 150.but i dont want to tease a letter from count dracualla.he said after turning 65 you are slowing up in your nitetime field attacks.he might give you desk duty and witout wolf-bane you might have to up your metroform to 1000mg question dear buddy i take 15mg remeron with xanax for sleep.they say 30mg of remeron is better for sleep and less sedation.would 30 mg remeron be too much with moderate kidney impairment?give my regars to (your beautiful doctor you old horny wolf//////

Hello my friend,
I agree that Mirtazepine is excreted by the kidney but it is also metabolized by the liver and your liver is functioning well.
The mean half-life of mirtazapine is significantly higher in females than males - 37 hours in females, 26 hours in males. By contrast, in elderly patients, the time for Remeron to clear the system is increased by 40% in males and just 10% in females.At 30 mg of Remeron we are working within the outer limits of the dose (15-30). So I feel it is worth trying out. If you do feel heavily sedated then we will have to cut back, if not, well then you have a good drug for your sleep.
All the best


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