there are reports that 4000 people took ambien 2 years and had no long term on cbs tv they said a scripps-howard report stating long term ambien and lunesta caused dementia,memory loss and a shortned life expentcy of 2 years.of course they had no access on how the people died.what is your opion if you take ambien 3 or 4 nites a week


I don't have the detailed knowledge or time to read and review all the research, but have you considered both might be right?

A two year study may not show any long term side effects in itself, but how long beyond that was the assessment continued?

Shortening life expectancy by 2 years may or may not be significant. If the patient is in their 20's think how long it is likely to take to show that statistic! So by implication, those patients whose life appeared (and I stress appeared) to have been shortened were already many years older, and may equally of been at an increased risk of death from old age or other disease.

I think you are trying to compare apples and pears, and inferring a clinical relationship where there isn't one.

I hope this helps.


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