hi fellow 69 year werewolf.hope you had a nice vacation in count dracula fun weekend howthe hell do you have blood sugar in 90 to 100 range without insulin?my 30 day average is 140 which is good  but i take 2 insulins.but i cant match wolfbane,which you ger every full moon.recently on television and internet they were comong up with all kinds of shit about ambien and lunesta.thet state studies  mainlyscripps-howards that long term ambien causes dementia,permenent memory and shorter life span.i thought ambien basically works on gaba like xanax.they have tried to say long term xanax reduces central nervous system,causes cognitive decline.dr  david shapiro followed a 20 year study on xanax.not one study on xanax causing brain damage or damage to central nervous system.use your werewolf nose and smell around if youy pick up proven facts on bad side effects long term. take ambien 3 times a week.dropped gabitril because i could not find one long term study on gabitril effects on non-epilectics taking is hidden so i went to ambien which has been around 17 years without bad side effects.keep on taking wolfbane and dont praise are nearing retirement on hunting at 70.count dracula said he might put you part time.hope to hear from most educated werewolf in india.your buddy/dr hyde

Hello Old Friend,
It is so nice and refreshing to communicate with you. At last I resigned from my job. Actually they brought in a Director who was a bloody bitch and a pain in the.... (you know where). So I shoved in my papers and walked out.
I have decided not to work full time any more. I have now worked for over 40 years, and I think this is more than an average dose for anyone.
I have joined a palliative care center as a consultant. Here were offer palliative care to terminal cases of cancer and AIDs, free of charge. While doing so we also do research and I head the research part, I work only two days a week and the rest of time I read and write. I have started a novel (my first) on clinical research and would be happy to send you the manuscript for your opinion.
Dont let these quacks trouble you for no reason, ambien is a good drug and so is xanax.
My diabetes is well controlled by exercise (one hour walking, half an hour swimming and an hour in the gym everyday) plus my diet is down to fifty percent of what it was. Metformin is a good drug and if your sugar is not controlled then add glipizide.
But you know all these things.
All the best my friend, and may God bless you.


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