hi old friend.just got back my a1c 5.9.also no protein in urine.not bad for 79,protein in urine good sign of cardiac problems down the road more important then a statement by dr harrop one of your experts with brown university degree.he stated gabitril as safe as remeron.first and foremost they only test new products coming to market by a few thousand people and seldom for a term longer then 6 months.serious side effects take years to surface.remember crestor.remeron has been around longer then 10 years and has proven safe.non-epilectics taking gabitril,not one study about non-epilectics taking gabitril even 6 months.the ass-hole harvard educated psychiatrists hand it out like know how i check meds taking remeron no cognitive loss like sleeping pills.on taking metaform in diabetes if you have kidney desease its controindicated.were you allergic to    novolog fast acting insulin.because you shoot up before meals and it prevents spikes in blood pill does that.looking out for you howard

Hi Howard,
You are absolutely right about the premarketing testing. By and large drugs are tested on 5000 (maximum) pateints who are carefully selected. This means that patients are to be withina narrow range (usually 18 to 60., people abouve 60 are rarely used for testing). Testing is also for a short term (six months is the outside limit). It is therefore not surprising that many of the side effects are not revealed during this phase. It is only after the drug is used for a few years, its true colours are revealed. This is true for all drugs, it is for this reason I would trust a drug that has been in the market for say twenty years than one which has been around for two.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi  


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