recently there was a cbs tv segament of long term was done by some outfit called scripps-howard.they had no info on how people taking ambien died,but they stated people taking ambien developed central nervous system and dies 2 and a half years then people who never took ambien.ambien has been on market 17 years and fda never got any info about ambien causing cns damage or early death.yet it aired on a major ty network.i read people took ambien  every nitefor 2 years with no side effects.what is your view?


I'm afraid I have very little faith in health journalism in either the printed or TV media. They too often sensationalise stories and inappropriately use any statistical information they have.

Look how many stories there are that say X is causes cancer, then some time later they report X is a treatment for cancer. There is no consistency and wrong conclusions are extrapolated and over-sensationalised.

I would put your faith in the FDA. If they have evidence of harm, then they will act and either force a product to be withdrawn or issue guidance notices. There decisions will be based on credible evidence which has been properly assessed, and is therefore credible. Unlike drug companies or the media, they have nothing to gain by spinning data one way or another.

I hope this helps.


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