i am taking remeron for sleep.the main reason i am taking remeron,is that there are so many articles that ambien and lunesta create permenent memory loss and central nervous canf find out the truth.the harvard medical journal said not enough evidence at present what long term sleeping pills do?still  reports keep coming out that long term sleeping pills cause memory loss and cogenitive effects?


Do not confuse evidence with anecdote.

Credible authorities such as Harvard publish firm evidence, which is based on large controlled studies and peer reviewed by experts.

Anecdotes are single comments or opinions, which are often grouped together, inflated or repeated. There is no way to be certain how accurate they are, but if there was credibility, they would be accepted as evidence.

Believe the evidence, not the anecdote.

Please do not ask further questions on this matter. You are going in circles and not finding resolution.


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