QUESTION: ambien has been on the market 17 years.all ofsudden people who dont know their ass from a hole in the wall scripps-howard does a segment on cbs that ambien causes dementia ,memory loss and shortage of life expendency 2 years.the idiot who ran scripps-howard did not even have facts on how peope died.ive been on ambien 2 years,im 79 and at my age how the hell can i blame loss of ambien to memory loss.memory los starts at 50.the idiots who run these negatine loss of memory did nottake age into consideration.i did literature thru medical journals.not one said central nervous system result of ambien.harvard andmayo clinic said long term effects of ambien and other benzos like xanax****not know****your last e-mail to me said ambien causes memory loss.not according to medical literature

ANSWER: If you type in ambien and memory loss into a Google search, you will find articles supporting the claim that it can cause memory loss.

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QUESTION: not to get in a pissing contest,anything by google is not creditable a  druggist you go by mayo clinic and harvard experts.all you find on google are idiots who have no medical knowledge.the truth with creditable studies is the only damage long term ambien causes is short term memory problems next day no permanent memory loss and no definitely no central nervous system must remember at least 60% of people in this country are clueless,and most of these write medical articles on google.if ambien caused perment memory loss the fda would pull more communication is necessary,these are the facts.if you dont believe me look up side effects in new england medical journal/not google.they will tell you they dont   know if long term benzos or sleeping pills cause any side closed***************

ANSWER: There is medical evidence available through  It is not based on what people say.  Type in ambien package insert.  Under Sarnofi aventis, you will find the answer from the drug manufacturer.

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QUESTION: if long term ambien produces memory is it short term and reverseable when you stop ambien.are there other side effects of long term ambien considered harmfull/is lunesta long term any safer

It is not always short term and reversible when ambien is stopped.  There is no guarantee that memory will come back.  Ambien's long term side effects include grand mal seizures and falls in elderly patients.  However, ambien is well tolerated in most patients.  Hence, it is commonly prescribed.  Lunesta long term use is comparable to Ambien and is not any more or less safer than Ambien.


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