QUESTION: hi retired i have a doctor switched me from remeron for weight gain to gabitril.when i opened gabitril bottle there was manufacturers that stated people who are not epilectics should not take gabitril they may get seizurers.ran it by my doctor,she said amount of seizurers from people who are non-epilectic taking gabitril is about 1%.think i should stay on remeron or is gabitril safe for non-epiletics,with less side effects then remeron?just cause you are retired i can still tap your brain for knowledge

ANSWER: Hello Old Friend,
Your doctor is right. In non epileptics the incidence of seizures is very low, 1 % is a fair assessment. In biology we ignore any risk that is below 5% especially if it not fatal. If we were to avoid all drugs have a risk less than 5%, we would not be left with any drug at all.
Dont worry about it, take what you find most suitable.

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QUESTION: hi rav,i have been reading a lot of bad stuff about gabitril. first fdaput manufacturers warning about non-epilectics taking gabitril.second not one long term study on safety    of non-epilectics taking gabitrili want to get off xanax and take ambien and remeron.i dont believe all that bad stuff about ambien its been around 17 years and fda has not put black box warning.i feel ambien instead of xanax is improvement.whats your opion.about people with no gfr still urinating,that just proves my case about gfr.before you ask beautiful doctor check to see if they have albuminuria in their urine,if they have albuminuriain their urine which i doubt it is a miracle.awaiting your response about ambien/dr hyde

Hello Old Friend,
I did ask my beautiful doctor about these patients with zero gfr and urinating, but she could not explain it. The truth is that most of my patients are dying and will not live a month. Hence we dont worry about their  lab values unless they are in pain. My opinion about ambien is good but not as good as that of  xanax. Gabitril is fine for most people, in the study on gabitril I have some doubts which  I will study and revert to you.


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