hi rav,even thou your credentials and medical training pales in comparison to mine,i want to tell you what a 79 year old  mandoes a lot of research has date  doctors including so called kidney doctors would base your kidney function by taking blood from you and ger a serum creatinine reading.then they would take a formula made up by a asshole,multiply it by  yourserum creatinine level and come up with a idiot gfr.this gfr put many elderly men over 70 in stage 3 moderate kidney damage/when they had normal aged kidneys.the harvard doctors would not even take a urine sample.i could not stand by and permit this to continue.i read many reports and personnally corresponded with top kidney doctors in america.i presented all this evidence to natl kidney association.they agreed with my claim that gfr is pure bullshit.i not a doctor made them change their guidelines about natl kidney foundation states in elderly low gfr with no albuminuria does not constitute serious kidney desease.that puts all these gfr doctors look like shit-heads.i prevailed.the natl kidney assoc.wanted me to write a article in one of their magazines called kidney steps.b ut i have good news for you too.dr salman one of your experts who teaches pharmacy said xanax is safer then ambien and all sleeping pills.looks like a good day for 2 geriatic werewolfes/howard your friend and confident.

Dear Friend,
Congratulations on you achievement. I think a lot of old people will be indebted to you for teaching some medicine to doctors.
As I told you I  am woking with terminal cancer patients and I  see a lot of them with GFR nearly zero, but who seem to be passing urine normally, I am unable to understand this and have invited my beautiful lady doctor to come and  have a look.
But yours is great news my friend, keep up the good work.


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