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Respected Sir,

I had asked queries relating to my problem and your resonse were useful. I want to ask one query. I have been prescribed ISRYL M 1 ( glimepride 1 mg with metformin 500 mg) marketed by SYSTOPIC LAB and its price is INR 22. Whereas Glycomet GP 1 ( USV ) or ZORYL M 1 ( INTAS ) cost is around INR 80/- What is the reason for huge difference Does it imply that low cost drug is inferior to high cost drug. I may be foolish in asking question but kindly clarify my doubt

Dear Mr. Harsvadan,
I just checked up te price list of antidiabetic compounds and find that you are absolutely right. The reason for the difference is that these drugs are not under Price control. Under the Drug Price Control Order (or DPCO) (1995) there were only 74 or so drugs whose prices were controlled by the government, and antidiabetic drugs mentiond by you were not under control. A manufacturer is allowed to charge any price for a drug that is not under the DPCO.
However the DPCO (2013) notified on May 16, 2013 has 348 drugs (including metformin and glimepiride) whose prices are controlled. Henceforth the price of these antidiabetic drugs is going to be lower. However, the industry takes time to reduce the prices when ordered (but does it immediately when the prices rise) so in a few days the prices of these drugs will become similar or at least they should. This is subject to some company going to the Supreme court and the court granting a stay on DPCO.
DPCO apart, lower price does not mean lower quality. As per the drug law any drug formulation marketed in India must have the quality as prescribed by the Indian Pharmacopoiea. I am aware that some small companies do make and sell substandard drugs, but that is illegal and not very common too.
I would advice you to purchase the product which is the cheapest (but please ensure that it is made by a good company) for your use. You can get comparative prices of all products on the site If you need help to use the website, please let me know, but I am sure that an Internet savvy person like you will have no difficulty.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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