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hi i need help and currently pursuing my bsc I need help in a question.

Determine the % ionisation of ibuprofen in blood(ph 7.4).
The pka of thiol group in of an active site cysteine residue if determined to be 8.5. Determine the ratio of
protonated(thiol) to deprotonated (thiolate) groups at pH 7.

Would sincerely appreciate your help.


Hi Shantini,
That is a really difficult question.None the less let me attempt it.
pKa of Ibuprofen is 4.91 as reported by Sangster (1994)it is a weak acid. For such compounds the formula is :
%ionized= 10pH-pKa/(1+ 10pH-pKa) *100
       = 7.4-4.91/(1+7.4-4.91)*100
       = 2.49\3.49X100
       = 71.34%
The second part of your question is something I have forgotten. It is over 40 years since I learnt all this. I am sorry I am unable to recall the formula.
Best wishes
Ravi Ghooi


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