QUESTION: hi rav,hope all is a brief question for you.which has less side effects long term remeron or lunesta?good hunting tonite full moon

ANSWER: Hello Old friend,
Firstly my apologies for he delay in reply. Now a days Idont work daily, so often I am away from the city visiting some friends or attending some functions, now  am in my office. After going through some literature I would vote in facour of Lunesta. It has little effects other than putting one to sleep, it does not have any potential to treat other CNS disorders like epilepsy, and also has lesser side effects. I do agree that the incidence of side effects varies from patient to patient, yet Lunesta would be a better choice, unless of course you have had a bad experience with it.
God bless you, take care my friend.

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QUESTION: delay is ok,i know you are busy.the 2 mg lunesta is not putting me to sleep.i am going to wein off xanax and take it in the day,instead of combining it with sleeping pills.will up the lunesta to 3 mg.and if that dont work combine lunesta with 7.5 of remeron.any side effects i should be concerned with thay combo

Hi Howard,
There are many queries on the use of these two drugs in combination. The maximum recommended human dose is 3 mg/day and 2 mg is not putting you to sleep, so may be using it at 3 mg may be ok. Do thiscarefully because you are at the maximum recommended dose. Literature seems to suggest that remeron plus lunesta is safe, but again be careful. Why not stick to Xanax plus lunesta? They are known devils?


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